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"What do you get a 5 year old mad scientist?"

  Have you ever asked yourself a similar question when shopping for the "perfect" toy?  We have, and so have many of our customers since we opened our doors in 1988.

    As parents we were often frustrated with buying a toy only to have our children play more with the box it came in than with the toy.  However, when we began questioning why, it became clear that the toy was often either too advanced for where our child was developmentally, or not challenging enough.

    So, when we left our corporate lives behind (Bill was a businessman and Diane, a pediatric intensive care nurse) and opened the Tutoring Toy in 1988, we decided to try helping parents, family, and friends find the "right" toys by organizing them based upon what developmental need they filled. 

    For instance, if a child is in a developmental period where they need to develop fine motor skills, we can suggest toys that help.  Want something for cognitive development?  We've got toys for that as well.  So whether it is cognitive, emotional, social, physical or language skills, we can point you in the right direction. 

     And guess what?  We found that when you match up the skill level with the toy, you reinforce/teach the skill, the child will have more fun and you will be building confidence and self-esteem. That’s why we subscribe to the old saying, “Play is the work of children.”

     Today, the Tutoring Toy is still a family owned and operated business.  And we are not absentee owners.  You will find Diane, Bill, Casey and/or Nicholas available to serve you six days a week.  

    Thanks for visiting our site.  Hopefully you'll allow us to help fill your toy needs.  So drop by, send an email, or give us a call.  We’re here to help.













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