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Our address is 1400 Foothill Dr # 108, Salt Lake City, UT 84108tutoring-toy_map2.jpg

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 We're on Foothill Drive (Hwy 186), close to the University of Utah and the Bonneville Golf Course, about two miles North of where Highway 80 and 215 come together.


Monday - Friday: 10 - 7

Saturday: 10 - 6

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A World Renowned Toy Store

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    No really, its true!  And its not because we have a web site.  We actually have repeat in-store customers from all over the world…England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mainland China, South Korea are some of the ones that come to mind.  Of course we also have repeat customers from all over the United States: Maine, Connecticut, New York, D.C., Baltimore, Chicago, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California….

    Here’s the deal.  Our store is located about a mile from the University of Utah and an associated research park.  So there are a lot of research scientists, professors and business people coming through the area.  Of course, before they go home they want to get something for the kids.  But the best part is that several remember us every time they come to town, which has allowed us to build some wonderful ongoing relationships. 

    Utah also has a couple of other world known attractions.  The Sundance Film Festival (we get to meet lots of cool Celebs) and “The Best Snow on Earth” for skiers from all over the world.  So you can see that we are a convenient stop for many of those taking advantage of these events and attractions.  In fact, one of the primary reasons we have built our website, is because we’ve been asked by many visitors to make our products available on the Internet.

    SO WHY DO THEY KEEP COMING BACK?  Well, we’d like to tell you that it’s the toys.  In fact we often hear customers say that we have great variety of unique toys.  But we think it goes deeper than that.  We think that people feel a higher level of anxiety when they shop for toys than with other products.  After all, who wants to give something to someone as special as that child in your life that isn’t both fun and beneficial.  But when you are confronted with literally thousands of options, how do you know what is best?

america2.jpg      That’s where we shine.  We know that when you match the toy with where that child is developmentally1  the child will be more successful in using and enjoying the toy.  More importantly, when a child is successful in play they gain in confidence and self-esteem.  So when mommy or daddy, Grammy or grampy, auntie or unc or a good friend finds a toy that hits a home run, they know they can trust us to help them the next time around.

[1] Keep in mind that child development encompasses several things…cognitive (“educational”), social, emotional, physical and/or language.


Toys that spark imagination and growthTM